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Biopharm Labs (BPL) is a CMO for the biotech sector, focusing on recombinant protein design, process development, and production for various uses.


Since the year 2005, BPL's team has been involved in hundreds of projects, internal Customer's sponsored projects. The company is fully integrated, providing end-to-end solutions from idea to a final product.

Several projects that started in BPL, at a very early stage, are now registered and commercially marketed products.

BPL's Vision:

A one-stop-shop CDMO services for the biopharmaceutical industry.  A stepping stone for young bio-ventures and mature pharmaceutical alike.


BPL's Mission:

BPL's team put their experience and know-how to assist its customers to successfully achieve their goals at reasonable costs and in a timely manner.


  • Meir Azulay, MSc

    Managing Director

    Meir Azulay has several decades of experience in process development and manufacturing of biopharmaceutical drugs in Merck-Serono (participated in the development and manufacturing of Rebif, a blockbuster for MS). MSc in biochemistry from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

    Since 2005, Meir has founded and managed a CDMO company; He is co-founder of several startups in the fields of biopharma, food-tech, and biotech.

  • Avraham Laban, PhD

    Portfolio Manager

    Dr. Avraham Laban has vast experience in drug development, enzyme production, and biochemical analysis. Avraham held research and teaching positions at MIT, Harvard, and Israel.  Avraham has founded and managed a startup company in the field of Renewable Energy. Avraham is co-founder of several startups in the fields of biopharma, food-tech, and biotech.


“During the last few years, I worked with BPL on several projects. Meir and his team were very professional and cooperative, and the projects were completed successfully and on-time. .” 

—  Dr. Moshe Baru, CEO, MB Biotech Ltd

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Our operating facilities are centrally located in the Yanve industrial zone within 30 minutes of Tel Aviv and 30 minutes of Ben Gurion International Airport.

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