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Through decades of activity in the field, the company developed vast expertise in production using systems based on mammalian cells, bacteria, yeast, and algae.


BPL's team put their experience and know-how to assist its customers to successfully achieve their goals at reasonable costs and in a timely manner.


For more than 16 years, BPL's team has been involved and assist in hundreds of projects across the pharma, biopharma, food-tech, ag-tech, and cosmetics industries. 

The company is fully integrated, providing end-to-end solutions from clone development, expression systems, purification, and formulation, to scale-up, GMP-production, and even commercial manufacturing of the final product. 

BPL's Vision:

A one-stop-shop CDMO services for the biopharmaceutical industry. A stepping stone for young bio-ventures and mature pharmaceutical alike.




“During the last few years, I worked with BPL on several projects. Meir and his team were very professional and cooperative, and the projects were completed successfully and on-time. .” 

—  Dr. Moshe Baru, CEO, MB Biotech Ltd