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Biopharm Labs (BPL)
BPL is a biotech company located in Israel. The company is fully integrated, providing end-to-end solutions from idea to a final product. Since the year 2005, BPL's team has been involved in hundreds of projects, internal Customer's sponsored projects.
Several projects that started in BPL, at a very early stage, are now registered and commercially marketed products.

BPL is active in different areas:


  • Pharma & Biopharma

  • Food-Tech

  • Ag-Tech

  • Cosmetics

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  • Production Process Development

    From clone development to pilot-scale production

  • Scale-Up GMP Production

    From pilot scale to release for human / clinical use

  • Commercial Manufacturing

    From GMP production to site registration and supply marketing sales

Business Model

BPL employs a flexible business model to fit each customer and partner

  • Fee-for-service model, fully sponsored by Customer.

  • Partnership or joint-ventures

  • Own-products- sale off the shelf

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Why Choose BPL?

We are transparent with our customers

​Pure "Fee for Service" business model:

NO extra liabilities, NO stock options,

NO royalties,

NO success fees,

NO shares in IP…

We are professional

Highly organized and ready to take our customers from the very early stage of their product development through clinical-stage to the registration and commercial manufacturing in a cost-effectively and in a timely manner

We keep it simple

We keep it simple

One contact, one project leader is assigned for each of our customers

We operate as a

boutique CDMO

We don't have long ques - so you can keep moving forward quickly.

Tailoring the project scope and budget to each client​, 


Pay us a visit, the coffee is ready


Our operating facilities are centrally located in the Yanve industrial zone within 30 minutes of Tel Aviv and 30 minutes of Ben Gurion International Airport.

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