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Know-how - Experience - Commitment

Biopharm Labs (BPL)
Biopharm Labs (BPL) provides one-stop-shop CMO / CDMO services for the biotechnology sector, focusing on recombinant protein design, process development, and production for various applications.  


Since the year 2005, BPL's team commits its experience and know-how to assist hundreds of its customers to successfully achieve their goals at the best cost and time. 

BPL is active in different areas:


  • Pharmaceutical & Biopharma

  • Food-Tech

  • Ag-Tech

  • Cosmetics

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Business Model

BPL employs a flexible business model to fit each customer and partner

  • Fee-for-service model, fully sponsored by Customer.

  • Partnership or joint-ventures

  • Own-products- sale off the shelf

Lab Worker

Why Choose BPL?


Highly skilled company personnel can assist the client in scientific, technical, and regulatory issues of production at “proof of concept” or commercial levels.


We don't have long queues - so you can keep moving forward quickly.


Tailoring the project scope and budget to each of our clients.


​Pure "Fee for Service" business model:


We don’t claim ownership/share in IP created during project development, we don’t take any stock options, royalties, or success fees.


One contact, one project leader is assigned to each of our customers providing the client with real-time information.