May 2014
Meet us at Biomed/MIXiii Israel , May 2014 in Tel-Aviv.
For coordinating meetings please refer to Meir Azulay (
March 2014
BPL Biologics has entered to an agreement with an R&D organization for process development and production of several variants of a recombinant protein in HEK293. Product intended for use at in-vitro and in-vivo models, to enable selection of the best variant for further development as biopharmaceutical drug candidate.
BPL will utilize its capabilities in cell culturing in small and bioreactor scales, as well as purification process development and scale up. 

February 2014
BPL Biologics has signed an agreement with an R&D organization for carrying out process development and supply of proteins in different projects.
As first work, a variant of fusion protein was cloned into bacterial host, and protein expressed and purified. Product was supplied in timely manner and found bio-active.

January 2014
BPL Biologics has enetered to an agreement with a supplier of reagents to the reaserch market, for process development for the production of enzymes. Routine production will follow. 
BPL will utilize its expertise in expression in yeast cells and development of enzyme assays.

December 2013
BPL Biologics has enetered to an agreement with a food additive development company for the development of enzyme assay and other testing methods for testing and characterization of their product.
BPL will utilize its expertise in development and optimization of enzyme-activity assays as well as other testing methods- HPLC and electrophoresis.
December 2013
BPL Biologics has entered into agreement with a drug development company for the expression and purification of their line of proteins. 
BPL will utilize its expertise in recombinant protein cloning and expression in bacterial cells, ensuring solubility of the proteins.

 October 2013
 BPL Biologics has entered into an agreement with a cell therapy company, for the development of a production process for fusion proteins. The intended application is in the field of regenerative medicine.
BPL will utilize its expertise in recombinant protein production in mammalian cells.
This product is first-in-class.

October 2013
BPL Biologics proprietary, patent free, bacterial expression system to enable high expression yield is under development. The system, based on E.Coli, is designed to have superior performance than other available expression systems

October 2013

 BPL Biologic’s concept for proprietary, patent free, vehicle for expression and purification of peptides and small size proteins in bacterial systems is under development. This novel methodology ensures expression and maintains peptide solubility and proper folding.  Method-validation will take place on peptides and proteins that prove to be problematic with synthesis techniques.

August 2013

BPL Biologics enters into a follow-on agreement for proces development of an enzyme-based large molecule

June 2013
BPL Biologics participates in the 
BioMed Conference – 
Tel Aviv, Israel

April 2013
BPL Biologics is represented at
the Bio International Meeting – 
Chicago, IL

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Biopharmaceuticals development- From Clone to Supply Clinical Trials 
We are a Contract Development Organization (CDO) with a focus on cell line engineering, upstream and downstream process development and manufacturing of mammalian and bacterial derived large molecules.

We operate as True-Partner to our Customers:|
-We tailor workplan, scope and costs for each Customer to fit needs and constrains.
-For full package we operate as one-stop-shop from clone design to supply of prduct to pre-clinical and clinical studies under one Project Leader. 
We are highly experienced in "Bridging-the-Gap" between Academia and Industry, taking a project from the researsher lab, develop according to inductrial standards, provision of material to Customer for Proof Of Concept trials. 

We are commited to provision of our services at competitive timelines and budget without compromising quality.

We Our operating facilities are centrally located in the Weizmann Science Park within 30 minutes of Tel Aviv and 30 minutes of Ben Gurion International Airport.
We cordially invite you to get in for a cup-of-coffee or set a conference call or SKYPE to discuss and get a quote.
BPL Biologics     Weizmann Science Park, 13A Einstein, Ness Ziona 74036 Israel
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