December 18, 2017: 
-BPL has signed an agreement with a global company (Fortune500) to collaborate in the development of a new protein-based drug candidate.
According to the agreement, BPL will develop a bacterial fermentation, refolding process,
purification and formulation as well as the related analytical testing methods.
For this project, BPL will  utilize its know-how and experience in recombinant protein expression in bacterial systems, purification and product formulation.

 November 2017
-BPL has signed an agreement with US based company for the development and production of series of enzymes and their immobilization to solid matrices. BPL will utilize its know-how and experience in recomninant enzyme expression in bacterial systems, purification and product formulation.

-BPL is relocating to a new facility in Yavne- 15 Nahal Snir st. The facility, designed and constructed specially according to BPL's plans and requirements, will be ready by ebd December 2017. BPL will start operation in the new facility by beginning January 2018.

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Biopharmaceuticals development- From Clone to Supply Clinical Trials 
We are a Contract Development Organization (CDO) with a focus on cell line engineering, upstream and downstream process development and manufacturing of mammalian and bacterial derived large molecules.

We operate as True-Partner to our Customers:|
-We tailor workplan, scope and costs for each Customer to fit needs and constrains.
-For full package we operate as one-stop-shop from clone design to supply of prduct to pre-clinical and clinical studies under one Project Leader. 
We are highly experienced in "Bridging-the-Gap" between Academia and Industry, taking a project from the researsher lab, develop according to inductrial standards, provision of material to Customer for Proof Of Concept trials. 

We are commited to provision of our services at competitive timelines and budget without compromising quality.

We Our operating facilities are centrally located in the Yavne industrial zone, within 30 minutes of Tel Aviv and 30 minutes of Ben Gurion International Airport.
We cordially invite you to get in for a cup-of-coffee or set a conference call or SKYPE to discuss and get a quote.
BPL Biologics     19 Hidekel st. Yavne POB 13240  8122614  Israel
Tel: +972.76.548.8118   US: +973.723.9000